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We want to inspire curiosity and passion so that together, we can all become multipliers of impact for the future.

Unquiet embodies the essence of unbounded human potential by embracing the spirit of restlessness, optimism, and impact.

We want to inspire curiosity and self-discovery to help you embrace your own "unquiet" purpose, so that together, we can all become multipliers of meaningful impact for the future.

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Learn more about project management, stakeholder engagement, and change management by reading these insightful blogs. Get the knowledge you need to make a real difference in your career through learning with us.

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Monthly 25-30 minute episodes will immerse you in a group of quiet people making an impact, providing inspiration and practical insights.

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The Atlas of Leadership program will help you realize your full leadership potential. Breakthrough courses in human understanding, effective leadership, and visioning the future.

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Join us as we explore the journeys of the unquiet and their pursuit of impact.

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Dive into the unquiet musings of our founder, Hafsa for some curiosity and inspiration.

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Explore your unquietness with our courses.

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What's Our Inspiring Inspect

Inspiring a community of passionate thinkers who will shape a better future by burning curiosity, fueling passion, and multiplying impact is our vision.

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Unquiet is all about and for those who are restless, optimistic and impactful

We prepare the way for people with the courage to make a difference
at the crossroads of innovation and leadership.

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At Unquiet, you will find stories of those who’ve been “unquiet” – we’ll share their experiences so you can be inspired to explore your own unquietness.

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