Who We Are

Unquietness is a knowledge and inspiration point dedicated to helping you realize your leadership potential and building a network of influential leaders. Our life-changing programs, such as Futures Foresight Navigator and the Atlas of Leadership, are designed to equip people with the knowledge and skills they need to lead effectively and create a better future.

Unquiet’s Vision

Inspired by the essence of 'unquietness,' our vision is to uncover restlessness, optimism, and impact. We nurture curiosity and self-discovery, empowering all to craft intentional futures for a meaningful impact.
Our Unquiet Founder

Dr Hafsa Ahmed, MNZM, is the founder of Unquiet. Embracing the title of 'The Optimistic Futurist,' she draws inspiration from Van Gogh’s 'The Starry Night' as a symbol of hope and possibility, believing in our ability to enhance lives and craft a brighter future. Leveraging her expertise as a leadership guide and futurist, she assists individuals in navigating their life narratives to curate a purpose-driven, intentional personal future. Hafsa pioneered New Zealand's inaugural ethnic women leadership programme in 2021, empowering ethnic women to become catalysts for positive change by nurturing their skills and building confidence. She was the recipient of the Kate Sheppard Women’s Fund Grant from The Christchurch Foundation to further enhance the programme. Her diverse skill set also includes offering futures foresight planning, change management and stakeholder engagement advice to organisations and communities. She is the co-founder of the Lady Khadija Charitable Trust and currently serves on the boards of various not-for-profit organisations. In January 2023, Hafsa’s contributions to the community were recognised with her appointment as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for impactful service to ethnic communities in New Zealand.

Unquietness at your event
Invite Hafsa to speak at your next event for an inspiring dose of 'unquietness.' Explore her expertise on LinkedIn or reach out to us for further details.

The Vision of Dr. Hafsa Ahmed for Unquiet

Dr. Hafsa Ahmed, MNZM, is the dynamic Founding Director of Unquiet Ltd, hailing from Hyderabad, India. An "Optimistic Futurist," she migrated to New Zealand in 2007, driven by a passion for enhancing lives and fostering thriving communities. In January 2023, she earned the prestigious Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for her contributions to ethnic communities and women.

The journey of the unquiet founder

In January 2023, she was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to ethnic communities and women. Her professional expertise includes leadership coaching, futures foresight planning with a focus on stakeholder ecosystems engagement and managing change. She has professional work experience of over 20 years in private, public and not-for-profit sectors in India and New Zealand. She is also the co-founder of Lady Khadija Charitable Trust and has held board positions in different organisations in the not-for-profit sector over the past decade. Her favourite places to visit are coffee shops, (as a self-acclaimed coffee snob) and bookstores to find non-fiction books to read (from high performance to soulful mysticism). She has spoken as a keynote at various events – and you could consider inviting her to your next event to inspire some “unquietness.”

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